Spring updates!


We are planning on May 2nd for the mother/son kickball.  If it gets rained out we will plan on doing it in the fall.

Turn in form or register online at :


Daddy/Daughter prom photo booth pictures are located at this site if you want to get a copy!





cinnamon roll

In an effort to get more community involvement PTO is planning to have a grandparents breakfast/book fair before school on February 26, 27 and 28.  Grandparents are invited to come and have a cinnamon roll, juice and/or coffee with your student.  They are welcome to have a look around your students classroom, locker and the book fair!  Due to space and time constraints we are asking grandparents to attend on the 26th, if your students last name starts with A-H; the 27th if your last name starts with a I-P and the 28th, if your students last starts with a Q-Z.  To make this successful we really need parents to RSVP for their child and grandparents (or special guest, if a grandparent isn’t available) by February 19th.  It will run from 7-8 each morning.  Thanks for you help and look for the next sign up genius if you want to personally volunteer to help!



January 2018


January 9th, 2018

8:00 AM

Welcome & Introductions:

  • Officers: President:                  Tara Mumm

Vice President:                  Chris Vandenack

Treasurer:                  Molly Lloyd

Secretary:                  Julie Helms

Principal:                  Trevor Hoegh


In Attendance- Chris Vandenack, Molly Lloyd, Julie Helms, Sarah Hoegh and Trevor Hoegh.

Treasurer’s Report: Molly

  • Activity since last meeting, We only had 2 checks go out for Rewards- doughnuts and candy canes.

Old Business:

  • Bake sale from both concerts- went well made $879.
  • Staff rewards (Nov)-Breakfast, re-stocked K-cups
  • Student rewards (Dec)-Bingo/Candy Canes

New Business:

  • Staff/Student Rewards
    • January-Staff- Lunch coupon to vine street
    • February- Student grandparents day, cinnamon rolls and students take grandparent to the book fair. We will provide juice and coffee. Send out something to get a head count. But we are thinking around 600 cinnamon rolls and 400 juices. We are thinking we need to do it 3 days and divide the students alphabetically A-H, I-P, and Q-Z.
    • We will also still do ice cream and sprinkles one day in February.
    • The beginning of April 3rd-6th we will be doing teacher appreciation week.
  • Yearbooks-February —Kim
  • Spring Conference Dinners –March —Christy
  • Spring Book Fair-March/Grandparents Day? —Tara
  • Jump Rope for Yutan-Kim P. We are planning on doing this on April 25th @ 1:00. We will be providing popcorn and Gatorades.

Use of Funds:

  • Hy-vee staff lunch $500.00
  • Painting of Blacktop—Pending invoice to pay–$1500.00

Teacher Wishlists

PTO has updated your teachers favorites on the websites and in doing so we asked teachers if there is anything else they needed for their classroom. We felt this is a good opportunity for those who want to donate or get rid of items. If you are unsure of who the teacher is you can leave the donation at the front office. Thanks!!
Ms. Judy-

Baby Doll Clothes

Clear plastic “punch” cups

Foam stickers

Mrs. Bedlan- extra board games for indoor recess.

Mrs. Portis- Any art or craft supplies

Mrs. Trost- 
Board games

Coloring books

Nick Jr, Disney Jr, PBS Kids (or any other “educational” children shows) DVDs 

Any kind of kinesthetic toys (ie pipsquigz, magnetic building tiles)

Play Doh

Mrs. Nelson- (4th grade) board games for indoor recess.

School wide t-shirts

The week of the 23rd we are planning on doing our t-shirts during art class.  Students or teachers can choose from different stamps to create a one of a kind Yutan Pride shirt!  We are looking forward to this fun project let us know if you have any questions! 


IMG_0242.JPGAfter the first two phases of our playground is complete we will be working to help raise money for phase 3.  Here is a picture of what it will look like when it is finally completed.  Phase 2 we are having the basketball courts and 4 square painted this summer and well as making a new volleyball net. We look forward to seeing the playground transformed!